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Hindi Verbatim Transcription

Recordings of serious events and importance that involve future reference need to be transcribed a step higher than the normal transcription. Verbatim transcription that contains the exact word by word content is the one that is more difficult than the normal one The legal and insurance companies need these type of verbatim recordings and Hindi verbatim transcription services do these to satisfy the Hindi audience.

These verbatim transcription include the one word utterances, small replies, emotional noises, laughter and cry, shouting, etc., TheHindi verbatim transcripts, since they are the result of hard work and involve higher category of professionalism, naturally they are charged more.



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Hindi Verbatim Transcription Services

This job of verbatim transcription face lots of challenges like poor recording, background noise, non-clear voices, thick accented and very low voices, murmurs, technical words and jargons, scientific terms, etc., The Hindi verbatim transcriber has to be a skilled and highly experienced person.

Vanan transcription has many years of experience in being the number one Hindi verbatim transcript agency and so our final product is with over 98% accuracy rate. All our clients, who have so far utilized our verbatim transcription services, are 100% satisfied with our Online Hindi verbatim transcript.

We employ only certified and experienced personnel who are dedicated to their profession and hence are capable of providing world class results. To get high quality Hindi verbatim transcription services, contact Vanan transcription and discuss your needs with our staff. We will provide you free estimation and free quote as per your requirement and finalize your project within competitive rates.